me-very-good-smile-re-cropped-web-iphone  I’d been working in the BBC for 23 years when in 2011 I started to explore the possibility of voiceover. For some reason, in an idle moment, I’d found myself imitating the actor George Sanders in his role as Nicholas Favell in “Rebecca”. The idea of a career in voiceover grew from that. I attended one day workshops at The Showreel – run by Jean Paul Orr and voice coach Yvonne Morley. Soon I had set up a small project studio and had recorded my first professional showreel with JP. However I didn’t feel ready to take the plunge just yet. I felt there was something missing. For the next two years I continued to train and practise. Then in 2014 I was able to leave the BBC. By then I had built a proper studio with a booth. Now I was training at Gravy for the Brain and I had my first job voicing an animated “Credit Squirrel” for the Canadian company Currency. I continue to practise every day constantly honing my skills and pushing the boundaries. I hope one day to break into character animation and cartoon