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me-very-good-smile-re-cropped-web-iphone  I’d been working in the BBC for 23 years when in 2011 I started to explore the possibility of a voiceover career. For some reason, in an idle moment, I’d found myself imitating the actor George Sanders in his role as Nicholas Favell in “Rebecca”. The idea of a career in voiceover grew from that. I attended one day workshops at The Showreel – run by Jean Paul Orr and voice coach Yvonne Morley. Soon I had set up a small project studio and had recorded my first professional showreel with JP. However I didn’t feel ready to take the plunge just yet. I felt there was something missing. For the next two years I continued to train and practise. Then in 2014 I was able to leave the BBC. By then I had built a proper studio with a booth. Now I was training at Gravy for the Brain and I had my first job voicing an animated “Credit Squirrel” for the Canadian company Currency. I continue to practise every day constantly honing my skills and pushing the boundaries. I hope one day to break into character animation and cartoon work.me-working-ok-cropped-web